Student Handbook


Divine Mercy Catholic School – A community grounded in faith dedicated to the development of the whole child: mind, body, and soul.


“Christ is the foundation of the whole education enterprise in a Catholic School.”
(The Catholic School #34)

In a faith filled atmosphere, the message of Christ takes priority and becomes integral in all areas of school activities. Our school emphasizes academic areas and provides a strong Catholic foundation for a child to continue his/her Christian life in society.

Divine Mercy Catholic School seeks to address the individual learning needs of its students, by providing sound Christian leadership, creative and competent teaching, a progressive curriculum, and innovative learning programs. DMCS encourages students to academic and moral excellence. We prepare them to assume their proper roles in Church and society and develop in them a respect for all peoples and cultures.


At Divine Mercy Catholic School, we will

  1. instill in each student belief in God, each other and in Catholic education.
  2. provide students with a loving and respectful environment where they will develop a feeling of self worth.
  3. foster in each student a personal relationship with God.
  4. immerse students in a rigorous academic environment where individual learning styles are utilized to foster classroom and life long learning.
  5. provide curriculum that recognizes and respects human dignity throughout the world.
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