Financial Aid

Affording DMCS

We encourage all families to consider what a gift Catholic education can be.
It is an investment in the most precious people in your life – your children.

We will commit to any family that is willing to work with us.

2019-2020 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Kindergarten through Grade 6 is based upon financial need. It is available for families who fill out a TADS Financial Aid application and submit a complete application no than February 17, 2019.  Please note that you may use your 2017 Tax Return along with current W-2’s and paystubs for your supporting documentation. Those applying after that date will be deferred to receive a tuition agreement until June, 2019.

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TADS Financial Aid Instructions

TADS Financial Aid Welcome (English)

TADS Worksheet (English)

TADS Financial Aid Welcome (Spanish)

TADS Worksheet (Spanish)