Welcome from Principal

Regina Ashley, Principal

Welcome to Divine Mercy Catholic School where all of our students learn and grow in an environment that emphasizes spiritual growth, academic excellence and community service. As the Principal of Divine Mercy, it is my sincere pleasure and honor to be a member of this caring and committed school community.

At Divine Mercy, our goal is to provide every one of our students with an educational experience that establishes a firm foundation of academic excellence and a rich spiritual journey that focuses on the faith and values of the Catholic Church. It is with this foundation that our students excel at the middle and high school level.

Academic excellence is what we all strive for at Divine Mercy. This is accomplished through a content-rich elementary curriculum delivered by professional educators who care deeply about teaching and learning. Our dedicated and experienced teachers work to design creative lessons that tap each student’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. Class sizes remain small in the belief that relations and individualized learning are essential for our students’ growth, development and a sense of community.

To support our academic excellence and spiritual journey, students have opportunities to grow outside of the classroom.

Parents, all school staff, and community members all have important roles in developing and supporting a community of life-long learners. As a Catholic school, faith is at the heart of all that we do and all that we teach. Our educators are dedicated to supporting the work of parents, who are the primary teachers of their children. Along with parents, we work to instill a love of God and of learning, along with habits of virtue that will help our elementary students meet the challenges of education and of life beyond the school’s walls.

Regina Ashley
Principal, Divine Mercy Catholic School
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